2017 Adult Dance Classes + Resolutions!

The New Year at Dance Austin Studio is bringing in lots of new adult dance classes with new instructors, styles, and levels!

This year, we're excited to bring more Guest Master Class instructors! We're kicking off the best year yet with our first guest, Yanis Marshall on January 5th, 2017 teaching both Street Jazz and Heels!

Our master classes are growing, and we're excited to grow artistically and athletically!

I've wanted to burst out and tell the world all about the new classes in 2017. Now that they're finally posted on our DAS website, I can tell everybody about it! Blabbing on our new DAS blog was my second thought to start sharing. The first was telling people on Facebook because well... it's the Social Media Age and all the rage. After creating a survey for our students to tell us what they wanted to see in 2017, we put together an incredible schedule with your response levels. Lyrical Hip Hop won the most popular vote!

To sign in for classes, click the purple button on our website or download our DAS app. Remember to sign in to classes at least 2 hours early to reserve the class spot.

The New Year is a time for resolutions and goal setting. In the past, my goals usually dwindle within the first couple of months. Later on, I try to pick up the pieces before bikini season. Our culture operates this way, really. The world around us shows us illusions of self improvement. It seems that every week there is something new happening in our culture that creates these illusions. A picture of your sudden transformation appears in front of your eyes, and all of a sudden you're determined to change and become "new" again.

My question for you is... what is the "new you" in that vision? What is your mold? There's so much beauty in personal growth, wisdom, intellect, and vision. I watch so many people, including myself, try to change into other people. Using a billboard as a shell to hide away in. I'm trying to turn my mold into an area of creativity. My main goal for 2017 is to observe molds, but not limit the sense of my own creative limitless.

My Resolutions:

Drink more water

Go to the gym more (5 days per week)

Read more

Take lots of dance classes (you'll see me a lot)

Meditate in the mornings

Drink less coffee (especially on the weekends)

Create positivity through small actions

What are your goals? Do any of yours align with mine? Leave a comment down below to share your thoughts.

-Morgan Leigh

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