Meet our DAS Intern!

Marissa is one of our awesome interns! Currently Marissa is also a student at The University of Texas. She definitely adds value behind scenes and on the dance floor at DAS! Marissa most recently performed with the Sexy Stiletto ladies at the Love Hangover Showcase.

1. When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when i was 3.

2. What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

My favorite thing to do in Austin is ...

3. Hometown?

Houston, Texas

4. Who is your inspiration?

My parents are my inspiration.

5. What are some of your non-dancing hobbies?

Some of my hobbies are shopping and painting.

6. What is your favorite dance-related experience?

My favorite dance related experience was my drill team recieving a crowd pleaser award at a competition my junior year. All of the competing teams voted for their favorite performance and ours won, so we performed at the very end in front of everybody at the competition.

7. Favorite Show/Movie/Book:

TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Movie: The Parent Trap

Book: Harry Potter

8. Fun fact about you?

l collect socks.

9. You are taking a dance class - what style can we find you in first?


10. Favorite Quote?

“That’s hot” -Paris Hilton

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