Meet Our Media Intern!

Meet one of our fabulous interns, Lilly! She's amazing at what she does and is a great dancer/performer too!

1. When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 3 years old after watching my mm dance in a recital at a dance studio in Mexico. I was so excited to see her on stage and immediately felt the need to be up there performing as well. I begged her to enroll me in classes and she graciously did! 2. What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Eat! I love all the food here! I also love going to the movies and taking my dog, Sherlock, for walks anywhere we can find a trail. 3. Hometown?

A little border town called Rio Rico, AZ. 4. Who is your inspiration?

Walt Disney! It amazes me that someone from a tiny, unknown town went on to create one of the biggest companies we know. It reminds me that no matter where you come from it's your drive and passion that leads you to success. 5. What are some of your non-dancing hobbies?

I'm an absolute bookworm. I read over 40 books last year and my goal is 50 this year! I also play piano and have recently started sewing and quilting. 6. What is your favorite dance-related experience?

When I was in high school, my mom and I had a small dance studio in my hometown and I would help her choreograph the dances for the teen classes. She gave me free range with a Pirates of the Caribbean themed dance and not only was that one of the most fun performances I've done, but it was also an amazing feeling to see something I created performed! 7. Favorite Show/Movie/Book: TV Show: Doctor Who Movie: Amelie, and La La Land Book: anything by Agatha Christie! 8. Fun fact about you?

I worked at Walt Disney World resort in Florida as a costuming intern!

9. You are taking a dance class - what style can we find you in first?

Broadway Jazz. I love being able to act over the top! 10. Favorite Quote and why?

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." -Walt Disney

When failure comes in life and I start to lose sight of my dreams, I have to remind myself to "keep moving forward" and always find that everything always works out the way it should when I do. Also, curiosity to me is the fuel of all progress, and this inspires me to continue being curious about the world around me and always see the best of what could be.

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