Instructor Spotlight: Regina Tankersley

Meet Regina! She is currently filling in while Korie is on maternity leave. This woman brings a powerful presence and fun class every week! Be sure to check her out while she's teaching at DAS!

1. When did you start dancing?

Since I was a little girl. Took Ballet at 5.

2. What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Love outdoor festivals. Any outdoor fun activities in great weather is fun to me.

3. Hometown?

Augusta, Georgia 4. Who is your inspiration?

My mother. She is full of so much knowledge, sharp minded, and very wise. 5. What are some of your non-dancing hobbies?

Water activities such as swimming and water bike riding, playing volleyball, skating occasionally, travelling, among other fun hobbies. 6. What is your favorite dance-related experience?

Performing at dance shows and night clubs have always been my favorite dance experiences. These days, I'm just happy teaching dance. 7. Favorite Show/Movie/Book: TV Show: Murder Mysteries on ID Channel/Dateline and the older versions of Wonder Woman Movie: Horror Movies Book: James Patterson's novels 8. Fun fact about you?

I always have a near death experience when vacationing on cruise ships. Last cruise, took a horseback riding in the ocean excursion, my horse, Firefox, tried kill me with her suicide attempts, the day of my birthday! Don't know if that's a fun fact, but at least I'm alive and can laugh about it.

Also, I love the older version of Wonder Woman.

9. You are taking a dance class - what style can we find you in first?

I love a combo of jazz/street jazz, sexy video vixen like dance styles! 10. Favorite Quote/Theme Song and why?

Favorite quote by me: "Less is best" which can fit in in a lot of ways...... Lesser clothing the better in hot weather of Austin. Lesser people with negativity in your life, the better thus less is best. My

Favorite quote by Alexander Pope: To err is human, to forgive divine because it's ok to make mistakes in life, that's how we grow and avoid repeating them.

Favorite Theme Song: Wonder Woman (older version)

Music in that song is so powerful. Stands for strength to me : )

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