Meet Our Newest Intern!

Meet our newest addition to the team, Taylor Lee Mack! She's new to ATX, so let's give her a warm DAS welcome!

1. When did you start dancing?

Around the age of 5 my mom put me in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. I went on to do competitions when I got older.

2. What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

To be honest I’m not really sure yet because I am new to Austin, and I am still exploring, but Talisa’s Hip Hop for Beginners is probably going to become my Thursday night go to event!

3. Hometown?

Bryan/College Station, TX

4. Who is your inspiration?

Jenna Dewan Tatum because she’s an awesome dancer, actress, and mother! What gets better than that?!

5. What are some of your non-dancing hobbies?

I am an actress. I received my degree in Performance for Film & TV from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. I also enjoy editing which I just finished taking a class for in order to learn Adobe Premiere. Oh and I love to kayak as well!

6. What is your favorite dance-related experience?

Probably from when I was still in college and during one of my dance classes I had to learn to preform a skit while dancing, and although dancing while talking seems easy its actually a lot harder than you would think (especially with a script). So anyway, during rehearsals it took me so long to learn to not talk to the beat of the music, and it was hilarious learning experience!

7. Favorite Show/Movie/Book:

TV Show: Currently watching: A Handmaid’s Tale …. All Time Favorite: Charmed

Movie: August Osage County (who doesn’t love Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts)

Book: Just finished reading “You are a Bada**” … Currently re-reading “The Actor’s Art & Craft”

8. Fun fact about you?

I have travelled to 7 different countries, and I hope to continue to add to that list!

9. You are taking a dance class - what style can we find you in first?

I am currently loving being able to try all the different options available to me at Dance Austin, and so far I am throughly enjoying Beginner Hip Hop, but I would also like to try Funk Fusion.

10. Favorite Quote/Theme Song and why?

Quote: Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible - Audrey Hepburn

Song: Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

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