2019 HYPE Youth Showcase Dance Austin St



Our youth showcase is an amazing opportunity for our dancers to become performers. It is a great way to celebrate what your child has learned this semester. 

Mandatory to Perform: Dancers need to attend all May classes and Dress/Tech Rehearsal on May 18th, 2019.


Parents, please put these important dates on your calendar:

Tickets Available for Purchase: 5/1/19

Last week of classes: 5/13/19 - 5/15/19 (must be present in order to perform)

Photo Day: 5/18/18 (mandatory for group picture)

"H.Y.P.E!" Youth Showcase Performance: 5/18/18 at the CSA Theater at Brentwood Christian School Theater 3pm Doors Open: 2:30pm

Dancer Arrival Time: See "Downloadable Showcase Handout" below (arrival times are specific to each class)




Dancing is a performing art and the performance is the highlight of a dancer's experience; something for them to look forward to and to strive for. 


Being part of a performance helps build self-esteem and self-confidence and gives students a chance to showcase the results of all of their hard work, dedication, and progress.


Participation in the end of the year dance showcase is not mandatory, however it is strongly encouraged and is considered an important part of the overall dance experience. 



The dance showcase is an exciting time, but it is also an important commitment. 


This year the spring youth showcase will be held May 18th at the Brentwood Christian School CSA Theater. 


The dress rehearsal is an entire run through of the dance recital in full dress, with hair and makeup completely done. Dress rehearsal will be at the Brentwood Christian School CSA Theater.


The photo day will be held on May 18th at the Brentwood Christian School CSA Theater, as well. If you do not want to order pictures, your dancer must still be in the group photo at your scheduled time. 


If you commit your child to participate in the annual youth showcase, they will be required to be present at the mandatory dress rehearsal in order to perform.


Students that miss (even one) class become lost and often emotionally affected and overwhelmed while trying to catch up. They become overloaded while trying to learn last week’s steps and the current ones in the middle of our showcase preparations. Please commit to bringing your dancer to class each week to ensure they have enough time to learn and perfect the routine. Students must be present to all May classes prior to performance.



Students will learn a different routine for each class they are enrolled in; students in multiple classes are encouraged to participate in the performance of each of their classes. There is a different costume associated with each class. 


Costumes will be handed out on Costume Distribution week. The week of April 22nd, parents must come to class this day to sign for paid costumes, learn how to dress their dancer, as well as receive info on Dress Rehearsal/ Photo Day. 


All Costumes are $80, NO REFUNDS will be given, as your costume is sized for your dancer. 



Tickets will be available for purchase on May 1st. Tickets are $12 (all ages) pre-sale. All non-performers must purchase a ticket. If you have small children, the standard rule is: if they need a seat, they need a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online using the button towards the top of the page. There are no physical tickets, tickets will be picked up at Will Call the day of the show. They will be listed under the purchaser's name or the account holder.